Ferrari's $20,000 Art.Engine tower speaker

The most credible threat to Apple's dominance in the consumer electronics marketplace may turn out to be Ferrari, which has added a $20,000 tower speaker called the Art.Engine to its lineup of branded electronics that also includes laptops, MP3 players and cell phones. Designed by David Wiener Ventures, the Art.Engine is available in most Ferrari colors and features WiFi connectivity to receive wirelessly streamed music from your computer and a low-tech minijack to plug in your iPod. Your 20 Gs won't buy you standard RCA or digital inputs, however. Exclusivity will be guaranteed by the limited run of only 1,000 copies.
Now, we know less about the art of high-end audio than we do about... nearly anything else, so we'll take SonicFlare's word for it that while the Art.Engine may sound great and certainly sell out, Ferrari's too smart to submit its speaker tower to any publications for a serious review.

[Source: David Wiener Ventures]

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