Dyson DC14 Drive brings popular vacuum to your vehicle

The Dyson brand has become a breakout hit in the vacuum industry.  When James Dyson began showing up in commercials with his new invention, we all couldn't help believe the stoic and measured man who said his vacuums would never lose suction. Since then Dyson vacuums have become as common inside the house as F-150s are in the garage. And since the dust and dirt we track around inside the home can be immediately transferred to the car, Dyson is introducing the DC14 Drive, a version of its midrange DC14 line of vacuums that includes three special wand attachments designed specifically to clean your car. The Car Turbine Head has a rotating brush to clean upholstery; the Flexi Crevice Tool extends and flexes to reach tight spaces under seats and the Stiff Bristle Brush works out dirt from deep carpet. The DC14 Drive will be available exclusively at Target stores in June for $459.99, just in time for Father's Day (June 18th).
[Source: Dyson]

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