Alternative fuel use needs to increase in the Philippines says Manila Times editorial

I'm looking forward to a new editorial template, one that doesn't just praise the promise of biofuels and wish for more amazing green cars to come soon. But I'll just have to wait a while longer. It seems this template is popular the world over.
The Manila Times is the latest to adopt the pro-green car position, with an editorial over the weekend that says the Philippines needs to get with the program. Manila may only have a few ethanol or other bioblend fuel shops, it says, but that only means there's room for government to encourage the biofuel industry in the country. The article also says the only thing that will get customers to embrace biofuels is when it makes sense for their bottom line. The Hollywood glamour of a hybrid and the environmental benefits of biofuels only appeal to some, but saving money appeals to everyone.

Either the authors are mistaken or Flexible Fuel Vehicle in the Philippines are different than those sold in the U.S., since they write that the Flexible Fuel Vehicles (they call them "flexi-fuel") can run on an ethanol blend up to E20. I thought it was up to E85.

[Source: Manila Times]

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