Porsche Cayman RS in the works?

According to regulars at the Nurburgring in Germany, a lightened Porsche Cayman with a rollbar and race-style seats with harnesses has been seen doing laps on the famous 14-mile course. This has led some to speculate about a new ultralight model of the Cayman that could be badged as an "RS" or "Clubsport."

The Cayman has proved its mettle with critics, but its inevitable problem is that it's too good for its own good. If any more power is pumped into the Cayman, it would likely become as fast as its more expensive big brother, the 911. As it stands, the Cayman is only a tick or two behind the venerable rear-engined offering. This is why a diet for the Cayman makes sense. If Porsche keeps the power par for the course and reduces weight by extracting amenities, the resulting Cayman could carve a niche for itself that wouldn't cannibalize the more luxurious 911's sales.

There's also the caveat that a German tuner could simply be testing new mods on the 'Ring, and we're all just full of crap.

[Source: PistonHeads via autoblog.it]

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