Ethanol Motor Day at the Indy 500. Secretary Bodman's comments

Last Thursday was Ethanol Motor Day at the Indy Motor Speedway. Ethanol promoters gave away thousands of dollars to the day's fastest car and Secretary of Energy Samuel Bodman paid a visit to the track. The transcript of the Secretary's visit is now available online.
Bodman is unsurprisingly upbeat about ethanol's place in America's energy future. He said he expects ethanol production to increase to 5 million barrels a day in 19 years (following the President's plan) and says that will make up a quarter of America's 20-million barrel a day oil use. He doesn't mention that it's almost impossible that we'll still be using only 20 million barrels a day in 19 years. Bodman even kind of praises Brazil's state-mandated investment in sugar-cane ethanol 30 years ago, and admits America's marker-based system meant we came a little slow to the party, even though we now produce more ethanol than Brazil does.

[Source: Indy500]

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