Hybrid CR-V cancelled, Fit Hybrid will not get Insight engine

Inside Line seems confident it has the real scoop on Honda's upcoming hybrids, or lack thereof in some cases. For one, IL claims Honda insiders have confirmed that there will not be a hybrid version of the next CR-V. A $7,000 premium for a hybrid version is cited as the reason for not producing one, though that sounds a bit high to us.
Perhaps more enlightening is the claim that the Fit Hybrid will not get the Honda Insight's hybrid powerplant, but instead a modified version of the same Integrated Motor Assist hybrid powerplant currently used in the Civic. While the Fit Hybrid won't be here until the next gen car arrives in 2008, the premium for its presence will only be a scant $1,800 with fuel economy still expected to be in the mid 50-mpg range.

The original claim that the Fit would receive the Insight's engine and that there would be a CR-V hybrid came from HybridCars.com, which claimed its information also came from insiders within Honda. So we're not quite sure who to believe this time.

[Source: Inside Line]

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