German government calls out the PT Cruiser for tailpipe emissions

DaimlerChrysler is on the receiving end of some flack from Germany's own Federal Emissions Agency, which is accusing the automaker of inadequate pollution controls on the European-market Chrysler PT Cruiser.

The debate centers on the function of the PT's catalytic converter at high rates of speed. According to the agency, heavy acceleration above 72 MPH (and any acceleration in a PT at that speed probably counts as "heavy") results in excessive carbon monoxide emissions. A spokesperson for Chrysler claimed that such a scenario was not part of the emissions certification process, but the environmental agency rejects this claim and states that the pollution limits apply to any part of the drive cycle. It would seem that the agency is ignoring the fundamentals of engine management; heavy acceleration calls for fuel enrichment to avoid engine damage, and that will cause CO emissions given a sufficiently long application of wide-open throttle.

[Source: Reuters]

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