Khao Sod daily: Thailand must use less oil

One of the joys of writing for AutoblogGreen is learning about the ways biofuels and other alternative energy sources are being used and promoted around the world. We've mentioned Thailand on the site before (and I want to give a plug again to yesterday's post about Australia's Green Vehicle Guide), and it's time to see what else is new in Bangkok. The Khao Sod newspaper comes out in favor of the Thai government's continued involvement in subsidizing the price of diesel fuel and, more importantly, in telling people to use less oil.

It is important for this kind of message to be promoted in "developing" countries (I hate using that phrase when the culture we're talking about is thousands of years old, but you know what I mean), where even a slight increase in motorized traffic over bicycles or walking can mean a huge increase in the amount of petroleum a country needs. How the message is received and followed is another story, but having domestic sources say "the country as a whole that will suffer if people continue their extravagant lifestyles", as the Khao Sod does, is worth hearing. It's good advice here in the "developed" areas of the world, too.

[Source: Khao Sod]

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