Ford Australia investment could spawn next Crown Vic

As we reported earlier today Ford's Australian arm has announced a big investment that includes aid from the Australian government. It will result in the development of an engineering and design "centre of excellence" for the Asia Pacific and Africa region, as well as new product plans that may, just may produce the next Crown Vic in the U.S.
Blue Oval News has posted Ford's press release, which states the investment amounts to almost $1.4 billion USD. In it Ford details plans for a new global light commercial vehicle architecture that would be exported to over 80 countries, as well as an all-new Falcon and Territory. The Falcon and Territory would ride on a new large rear-wheel drive platform, which has led BON to speculate the next Crown Vic could come care of the Aussies. For that matter, the next Ford Ranger could also use Ford Australia's new light commercial vehicle platform. Of course, for either of these imports to happen a solid business case needs to be present, which, as we've seen with other Aussie immigrants like GM's GTO, is a difficult case to make. 

[Source: Blue Oval News]         

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