Hybrid Honda Fit and CR-V coming soon

Economy hybrid cars – new versions of the Honda Fit and CR-V, as well as Hyundai's possible Accent hybrid – will soon be coming to American shores. At least that's the rumor bubbling over at HybridCars. The site has an exclusive interview with an anonymous industry insider who has confirmed the Fit hybrid will be released in min-2007 and the CR-V hybrid is due later this year. Edmund's suggested that a Fit Hybrid might get 80 mpg and be available to you and me for under $12,000. HybridCars thinks it's more likely to sell a few thousand more, but still less than the Civic hybrid or the Prius. Hyundai's economy Accent hybrid is fairly certain to be released in Korea by the end of the year, and Hyundai seems determined to bring it to the U.S. not long after that.

[Source: HybridCars via Treehugger. Hat Tip to Mike]

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