Electric car of the future? I think not.

What surprises me the most about this CNN Money article is the fact that the donor car on which the Wrightspeed X1 electric car is based on is not mentioned even once in the whole article. An electric car that can beat a Ferrari 360 Spyder or a Porsche GT is no major feat if it's based on an extremely light, bare-bones structure. The Ariel Atom, in standard gasoline powered configuration, will beat a Ferrari 360 and Porsche GT, since it weighs in at about one third of both the Ferrari and Porsche. It will also have significantly better fuel economy for the same reason. While the X1 sounds like a bundle of fun to drive around in, it does not showcase any major breakthrough in electric vehicle technology. The car has a 100 mile range, and requires 4.5 hours of charging. Maybe I missed something in the article?
[Source: CNN Money]

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