Stewart Alexander, California politician, promised more electric cars and hydrogen SUVs

We take a few potshots at politicians here at ABG, and while it’s only sometimes because we want to point out their failings as leaders, it’s really (at least for me) because we want them to help foster a better world. We’re not the only one skeptical about the ability for them to keep all the promises they make.
Nonetheless, it’s good to hear (on Indymedia) someone like Stewart Alexander, Peace and Freedom Party candidate for California Lieutenant Governor, call for a dramatic plan to get 90 percent of gas guzzling vehicles off the road by 2020 and to use government funds to get private companies to pursue electric and hydrogen vehicles. He also proposed an elevated rail system in Riverside and Orange Counties. Are his proposals possible? Sure. Are people already working on these issues? Of course. Does one more political voice help? I believe so.

[Source: Indymedia. Hat tip: Joel A]

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