President Bush attempts to look green, can't help but help oil companies

Speaking of politicians, I think Talkingpointsmemo has an attitude worth remembering whenever President Bush talks about the changes that America needs to go through in order to curb our addiction to oil. While he’s willing to say we have an addiction to oil, he sure isn’t willing to take any action curb his addiction to rhetoric about tax cuts. Bush’s statement that “We need to get off oil. The best way is to do that through technology,” is wrong. The best way would be a large-scale restructuring of our economy, for people to actively change their lifestyles. This is difficult, and there is no chance Bush (or almost any other elected official) will call for that. What Bush means is that the only solution to oil addiction he’ll tolerate is one that continues to use oil for the foreseeable future.
[Source:, Image source: CNN]

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