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President Bush's funeral train is a tradition dating back to Lincoln

'We just rode on the railroads all the time': How the greatest generation traveled

'We just rode on the railroads all the time': How the greatest generation traveled

Happy Birthday! President George H.W. Bush buys son Neil a Chevy Volt

It appears the right-wing wall against the Chevrolet Volt is starting to crumble. Following months of beating on the Volt, Fox News aired a puff piece on how great the Volt is earlier this week. Now we hear that former president George H.W. Bush h

Happy Birthday! President George H.W. Bush buys son Neil a Chevy Volt

Uh-oh, the right-wing wall against the Chevrolet Volt is really starting to crumble. Following months of beating on the Volt, Fox News aired a puff piece on how great the Volt is earlier this week. Today, we hear that former president George H.W.

REPORT: Cheney says Bush left GM bankruptcy for the next guy

The writing's been on the wall for years: GM would have to declare bankruptcy if it had any hope of restructuring in order to survive in the long-term. And though the Obama administration's effective take-over of General Motors was hardly the first case of the government nationalizing a private company, President George W. Bush didn't want to be the one to do it.

White House up to addressing auto aid, extra $25 billion could come from bailout package

Word on the street is that President elect Barack Obama spent some time in the oval office yesterday with current President Bush talking about the auto industry, and the junior Senator from Illinois urged the President to address the automakers' dire situation post haste. The President seems to be on the same page, with word coming out of the White House that it would consider a congressional proposal to carve out $25 b

President Bush eases up on auto industry in State of the Union address

We'll be honest. We didn't watch President Bush's State of the Union address last night, the final one of his second presidential term. Our disinterest can probably best be measured by the fact that the address being broadcast in high definition was the only draw for us, which got us to watch for about five minutes and then it was back to American Gladiators on the DVR. Apparently we didn't miss much as it relates to the auto industry. Automotive News reports that the president called f

President Bush signs energy bill into law

This morning President Bush put pen to paper (no doubt one of those really cool American President pens) and signed into law the Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007, all 822 pages of it. As we all know by now, the pillar of the law is an increase in Corporate

DOE pours $385 million into cellulosic ethanol production

The U.S. Department of Energy has dug into its coffers once again for alternative energy research, this time putting up to $385 million forward to fund six cellulosic ethanol over the next four years. DOE Secretary Samuel W. Bodman made the announcement, going on to say that when fully operational, the six biorefineries will produce more than 130 million gallons / 492 million litres of ethanol per year. The funding is part of President Bush's Dane Muldoon

Ford loves ethanol

Click on the image for a gallery of high-res images of the Ford E85 Escape Hybrids.

Guess who's coming to Washington? White House to meet with the Big Two Point Five

In the never-ending saga between the Bush administration and Detroit's automakers, a tentative date has finally been set for a meeting.

UAW chief flames Bush for failure to help automakers

Ron Gettelfinger, president of the United Auto Workers union, took a shot at President Bush Tuesday for his failure to put forward a national industrial policy addressing issues affecting U.S. automakers, ranging from out of control health care costs to Asian monetary policies.

Automakers spared tougher CAFE rules - for now

The U.S. congress gave automakers a break Thursday, as the House Energy and Commerce Committee voted down a proposal to require 33 mpg fuel economy standards (averaged over cars and trucks) by 2015.

Tom Bevan: Imagine what could happen with real leadership on alternative fuel issue

Following up on yesterday's post about the public opinion polls showing that American's want alternative fuels, and are even willing to pay a higher gas tax to make the U.S. more energy independent, I wanted to link to this opinion piece by Tom Bevan in last Friday's Real Clear Polit

Political battles over passenger CAFE standards heating up

Two weeks ago, President Bush and Transportation Secretary Norman Mineta asked Congress to give the President and the Department of Transportation more legal authority to raise the Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE) mileage standards on passenger vehicles. One the one hand, this seems like a good idea: higher standards mean more miles per gallon, which means less gas is used which turns out to be good for just about everyone, as well as better for the environment. Of course, anything that inv

Ten states to file suit for tougher CAFE rules

The New York Times reports that California, New York and eight other states plan to file a suit to force the Bush administration to impose tougher CAFE rules on SUVs, trucks and minivans. The suit claims the federal government's analysis of the environmental impact of the new fuel economy regulations was not sufficiently rigorous. The states also assert that the government did not take into account the impact of gasoline consumption on climate change when formulating the new CAFE standa

President Bush attempts to look green, can't help but help oil companies

Speaking of politicians, I think Talkingpointsmemo has an attitude worth remembering whenever President Bush talks about the changes that America needs to go through in order to curb our addiction to oil. While he’s willing to say we have an addiction to oil, he sure isn’t willing to take any action curb his addiction to rhetoric about tax cuts. Bush’s statement that “We need to get off oil. The best way i

White House seeks to increase average fuel economy requirements

President George Bush may look to Congress for authority to alter the Corporate Average Fuel Efficiency (CAFE) requirements for passenger cars, as part of the White House's latest bid to gain some political traction on the issue of rapidly spiraling energy costs. An arcane attribute of existing CAFE regulations has already allowed Bush to increase CAFE standards for light trucks and to implement a multi-tier standard that takes vehicle size into account. Howeve

Bush wants to lift cap on hybrid tax credits

President George Bush believes lifting the current cap on tax credits for hybrids and advanced diesels is one step the government can take to deal with soaring gas prices.