Tigergen Hydrogen Fuel Cell Solar Car Project from Missouri

Undergrads at the University of Missouri-Columbia are hard at work putting together a hydrogen fuel cell solar vehicle that will compete in the 2007 World Solar Challenge. That’s about as green as it gets. The SunTiger team’s website is still focused on the team’s performance at the 2005 solar car and race, but information on the new vehicle, called Tigergen I, I think, is hidden in the “Tech” link and will be made more available when the SunTigers tour Missouri this summer. The students are doing their own aerodynamic design work and are working hard to keep the fuel cell within the operating range of above freezing and below boiling. [Source: Mizzouhydrogen.org, Hat Tip: SunTiger Christopher Millner]

[Update: My mistake. The car will be powered by hydrogen fuel cells only. No solar is involved in the 2007 car. It'll still be pretty green, though, and I'm not sure how it'll be in the World Solar Challenge, but maybe Chris can post this info in the comments below]

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