Subaru Impreza to go hatch hunting in 2008?

In an effort to move the Impreza to appeal more to family types, Subaru is taking its Impreza and turning it into a 'daring' hatchback. Or at least UK pub Auto Express says so, which doesn't completely rule out a sedan model for the U.S. market. Of course, with the sudden bumper crop of foreign-badged three-and-five doors available in North America (Volkswagen GTI, Audi A3, MINI Cooper, the soon-to-be Volvo S40, etc.), we wouldn't count on it.

According to AE, the next Impreza is expected to debut at the 2007 Tokyo Motor Show, with lower-rung Imprezas looking to convert buyers of the Ford Focus and Volkswagen Golf/Rabbit (which we thought was the M.O. all along, no?).

For diehard Subie fans, rest assured that the automaker still plans on an STi putting out over 300 horsepower to balance the enthusiast's books.

(Thanks to ebm14 for the tip!)

[Source: Auto Express]

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