Lexus hybrid test drive exclusive video

Autospies has a video up of their test drive of the new GS450h Lexus hybrid. The reviewer’s write-up of the drive through the desert near Las Vegas is a tad hyperbolic, but we’ll forgive for now. According to the review, anyone who likes to drive a powerful motor without quite the horrific mpg rating of most luxury cars will fall in love with the GS450h. The reviewer claims the test vehicle got between 23 and 30 mpg, depending on how much they abused the car during the drive. They also claim the 0-60 time is incredible, calling the car “an absolute rocket”. Well, we’ll see about that, but considering the love affair many people have with their cars, if high-end vehicles start getting slightly better mileage, that’ll make a difference in the long run. Autospies also has lots of photos of the GS450h at the site. [Source: Autospies]

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