Ford versus Chevrolet battle results in casualty

In Lakeland, FL, the never-ending dispute over the superiority of Ford and Chevy trucks resulted in the death of one teenager and the jailing of a second on murder charges. An angry phone conversation resulted in a parking lot confrontation, which led to Brandon Prince and David Ormsbee exchanging additional words before Prince drove his 1980 GMC towards Ormsbee, who had recently purchased a 2006 Ford Ranger. Ormsbee jumped up on the hood and fell off when Prince made a sharp turn, which resulted in Ormsbee's death. As far as we can tell, this doesn't prove anything except that it's a terrible idea to goof off around moving vehicles.

While we've certainly observed some fierce flame wars here at Autoblog, we'd like to point out that no one has yet died from any arguments in the Comments.

[Source: The Ledger; a hat tip goes out to]

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