$450K show car gets Grand Theft Auto treatment: $5K reward for return

It’s one thing when thieves outside a 7-11 nab your winter beater. It’s another whole thing when low lifes hijack your $450,000 vintage 1937 Ford convertible show car along with the 1999 Ford F350 and trailer in which it was being transported. This one-of-a-kind vehicle nicknamed “Chocolate Thunder” and built by Rad Rides By Troy for a private owner and was being transported to an auto show in Quebec City earlier this month when it, the truck and trailer were stolen from a hotel parking lot.

The shop has put up a $5,000 reward for anyone able to provide info that leads to the return of the vehicle. Everyone is hoping the vehicle is returned in one piece, though Brian Ferguson of Rad Rides fears the car attracts so much attention that the criminals may destroy it to avoid detection.

[Source: Inside Line; Oilstick]

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