Wham! George Michael seen plowing into parked cars with Range Rover

Singer Georgios Kyriacos Panayiotou (better known as 'George Michael') is in a bit of a pickle with some British bobbies after allegedly rearranging the sheetmetal on his Range Rover Vogue (and that of three parked cars) near his North London home before 8 am earlier this week.

Problem is, he of "Careless Whisper" fame neglected to call for help, stick around to wait for the authorities, or even leave his insurance information. Michael apparently drove off, leaving his damaged navy SUV on a neighboring street.

After being interrogated by police who visited his home, word is that Mr. 'Too Funky' fessed up, and is now making arrangements to compensate owners of the vehicles he damaged.

No word what legal fate might befall the singer, but according to

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