Ford to build new low-cost assembly plant in USA?

Ford Motor Company is said to be looking to build a new low-cost assembly plant, and would like to place it somewhere in the United States. Ford North America president Mark Fields states that the location of the plant will be determined by financial and not political reasons (Q: Which category do tax breaks fall into?), and that cooperation from the UAW is critical to keeping this factory in the US. Otherwise, the company is said to be more than willing to go to Canada or Mexico. Specifically, the automaker is looking for labor flexibility similar to that of other recent North American UAW manufacturing locations, such as General Motors' Cadillac plant and the DCX-Hyundai GEMA plant.

What exactly the new plant will build is unknown at this time, and likely depends much on Ford's success in closing several of its older, less efficient North American plants.

[Source: The Detroit News]

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