2006 Hybrid Buyers Guide: Don't buy a hybrid?

A nice shopping guide of currently available hybrid vehicles can be found at TheCarConnection. While a few of the cars listed do promise (and deliver) fuel savings, the majority either promise and don’t deliver, or don’t even promise significantly improved fuel economy. The fuel economy of the Lexus RX400h barely exceeds the RX330’s, but the hybrid performs better. Does a performance-minded consumer really want a Lexus RX, and does he feel like paying an extra $7,500 for it? The majority of hybrid car buyers are probably well-informed, Internet savvy individuals, and after reading reviews based on real-world usage of some of these hybrids, sales might slow down even more than they already have. Maybe a fuel saving, modern clean diesel engine in one of these SUV’s might be the answer.
[Source: TheCarConnection]

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