The Official Autoblog 'First Car' Readership Survey

Alright, here it is, boys and girls... 'The Official Autoblog First Car Readership Survey.' Your mission, should you choose to accept it: Come clean with your fellow readers about your very first car or truck, embarassing ride or no (we know you 1976 Dodge Aspen Woody Wagon owners are out there somewhere). In fact, the more dreadful, the more entertaining this is likely to be... but please be honest. If someone claims a Bugatti Veyron or Yugo GVX Cabrio as their first whip, rest assured our readers will call 'shenanigans.'

So... on to the questions:

  • With what four-wheeled conveyance did you first declare your freedom?
  • How did you come to acquire it?
  • Why did you decide that it was the car/truck for you?
  • How long did you own it?
  • Any particularly powerful memories (good or bad) tied to the vehicle in question? (Keep it PG-13, kiddies)
  • What ever happened to it?
  • Any pangs of loss at parting with it, or just sheer relief?

Let's hear it! Fess up in 'comments.'


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