Third-gen Prius to flirt with 100 mpg?

According to AutoExpress UK, Toyota is set to go for the green-veined jugular with its next Prius. The automaker's next hybrid will reportedly net a scarcely-believable 94 mpg (113mpg in imperial gallons). The figure comes about as the company has reportedly set a fuel economy bogey of 40km/liter, as it looks to distance itself from the fuel-sipping diesels that are so popular abroad.

Word is that the gains will largely come from replacing the current Prius' nickel-hydride batteries with lithium ion cells. AE further reports that Toyota hopes to have the charged-up hybrid on the road by as early as 2008. While pulling up the MPG, the manufacturer also hopes to improve the car's acceleration, and is expected to drop its 0-60 mph times by more than one second.

[Source: AutoExpress UK]

(Great tip, Jay!)

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