Consumer Guide, Edmunds review Honda Fit

Both Consumer Guide and Edmunds have published new reviews of the Honda Fit, which went on sale this weekend.

The Consumer Guide report found the tested Sport's version to be comfortable for the vehicle's class. Steering was surprisingly agile, though there was some body lean. The 109 horsepower engine definitely required planning on the driver's part when making a lane change. Driver seating, interestingly enough, is actually higher than the bigger Civic model.

The Edmund review found a surprising amount of room inside despite the exterior's diminutive dimensions. Part of this is due to the vehicle's fuel tank placement. Their staffers really liked the reclining rear-seat headrests. As for driving, testers liked the manual shifter, though the automatic version seemed to have more 'zip' than its self-shift sibling. Testers also found the Fit to be balanced and stable on the road and track (similar to the Consumer Guide report). Their biggest complaint was the 10.8 gallon fuel tank, though the Fit did average 32 miles per gallon.

Full details can be found here (Consumer Guide) and here (Edmunds). Additional Autoblog coverage can also be found here and here.

[Sources: Consumer Guide and Edmunds]

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