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Audi R8: more spy pics and wild conjecture

Though these brand new shots of an undisguised blue Audi R8 preproduction car have already appeared on a few sites, we bow to our buddy George Achorn at Fourtitude for not only getting a pic up ASAP, but also including the most comprehensive rundown of R8 rumors around.
Check out his article to see all of the minor changes the R8 has received so far on its way from concept to production. George points out each one no matter how insignificant, and fortunately there aren’t that many. He also breaks down all the possible engine choices for the R8, including a valid argument on why Audi may be readying a V8, V10 or even V12 diesel powerplant for its powder blue thunder coupe.

For the full battery of recent R8 spy shots you can also visit the World Car Fans gallery here.

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