Nissan design chief argues GM has forgotten its customers

Shiro Nakamura, a senior vice president for Nissan Motor Co. and design chief for the automaker, believes that General Motors has been suffering from a lack of awareness when it comes to consumers' needs:  "there was a lack of customer-orientation." And arguably, he should know: Nakamura previously worked for Isuzu Motors Ltd. during the Eighties before joining Nissan. GM and Isuzu had formed their alliance a decade earlier and Nakamura met and worked with many GM designers at that time.

But despite GM's current problems, Nakamura remembers the company fondly, saying he had worked with some of the world's best designers. It will be interesting to see if he applies any of that experience as he assumes chief creative officer in Nissan this month.

Is Nakamura correct? Take a crack at the issue in 'comments.'

[Source: Associated Press via The Star]

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