New York State to ban brush guards?

Fancy the tough functionality and aesthetic enhancement of brush and grille guards? Hope you're not from New York. A new bill (A.B. 10116) has been introduced into the New York Legislature with an eye toward banning vehicles so-equipped on public roads, regardless of whether or not they were fitted from the factory or by a professional. If passed as written, owners would have to remove any such assemblies from their vehicles, or face penalties.

The bill is reportedly based upon the logic that grille guards pose a heightened danger to other motorists and pedestrians, and that they obstruct airbag sensors, potentially thwarting proper deployment. Critics of the bill argue that the above ideas are merely suppositions, with no credible research to either support or debunk the assertions.

As the bill has reportedly been sent on to the New York Assembly Transportation Committee for consideration and voting, now would be a good time to voice your opinion in 'yeah' or 'nay' fashion. New York Autoblog readers are advised express their opinions by writing their NYATC representatives (a list follows in the link), and having their say in the 'comments' field.

[Source: SEMA Action Network]

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