Dodge Caliber the new xB?

Scion (and its parent company, Toyota) were surprised when older folks started to buy its youth-oriented xB SUV. But the buyers were drawn to the vehicle's large space and practical features.
Now it looks like it's Dodge's turn. According to the Automotive News, Dodge dealers are reporting sales of the new 5-door to be all over the generational map. Data from the Power Information Network shows thirty-one percent of buyers averaged between 16 to 35 years old with over twenty percent older than 56. While Dodge's marketing efforts will continue to be aimed at the younger segment (see here for Autoblog's posting on the barrage), a salesperson's response on what closed his sale ("Price range. A four-door car. Fuel economy. Small engine. Good insurance rating,") shows that certain items are ageless.

[Source: Automotive News]

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