Could GM be considering selling Holden?

According to Graeme Maxton of Autopolis, General Motors may consider selling off its Australian Holden brand.
The reason, interestingly, is Holden's profitability. Maxton points out that GM is desperate to make money to pay off its enormous--and fixed-- liabilities. It has already sold its Subaru stake and most of its Suzuki shares, and has cut its investment in Isuzu. Recently, the world's largest automaker has also sold its property financial branch. Unfortunately, Maxton asserts, this puts the company in 'death spiral' where less people will be willing to purchase its products and assets, deepening its debts. GM would then have to possibly offer Holden for funding.

"The question for Holden is who would buy it," he said. "There are actually not many companies except maybe a Chinese maker who would buy it right now."

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[Source: The Weekend Australian]

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