Friday Flashback: Comely, curvy 30-something Brazilian with German accent on the prowl abroad

Not ringing a bell, is it?

For those who can't think of a Volkswagen-branded sportscar older than the Corrado or Scirocco, a brief history lesson is in order.

The attractive VW SP2 was built by the automaker's Brazilian arm for the domestic market between 1972 and 1976. A total of 10,205 SP2s rolled out of the factory gates.

Powered by an air-cooled flat 1.7-liter four-cylinder, the SP2 employed suitably period running gear-- a rear swing-axle and double torsion bar setup up front with stabilizer bar kept the shiny side up, and a disc/drum brake setup jacketed by 14-inch wheels provided stopping power.

Essentially the a platform variant of the Type III, the SP2 was likely the lowest-slung Brazilian market car of its day, with an overall height of just 1158mm (45.6") -- shorter than the company's Karmann Ghia and Porsche 914.

More information about the worldly Brazilian can be had here and here.


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