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Auto X-Prize: $25mil - 250 mpg - 10,000 units

Details are emerging about the upcoming auto-related challenge to be issued by the California-based X-Prize foundation. The organization’s new challenge will award a prize of $25 million to the first group that sells 10,000 vehicles capable of 250 mpg.
Throwing in the caveat of moving 10K units makes the challenge very interesting, as a handful of vehicles have already been developed that achieve 250 mpg. VW unveiled a car called the 1-Litre in 2002 that achieved 264 mpg, for instance. The real challenge will be developing such a vehicle that can attract a down payment from 10,000 people.

The particular rules and goals for the competition have not yet been set and it’s unclear who would or actually could participate in the challenge. The cost of developing such a thrifty piece of transportation will be significant, but the additional price of producing 10,000 copies will surely move this challenge out of the average Joe’s garage. Conversely, any automaker would likely spend 10x the value of the $25mil prize trying to achieve such a feat.

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