Chrysler calls 1,000 employees back to work at Belvidere

Yesterday, 1,000 Chrysler plant workers who had been idled showed up for shifts at the company’s Belvidere, IL plant where the new Dodge Caliber and upcoming Jeep Compass are made. About 360 workers were current Belvidere employees, while the rest came from Delaware, Alabama, Indiana and Ohio. The extra workers raise the plant’s payroll from 1,650 to 2,650 and double its capacity.
Though some automakers seem to be laying off manual laborers left and right, it’s been refreshing to report on other companies who’ve been bolstering their ranks as of late. In addition to Chrysler, Toyota and Subaru announced that their Indiana plant will be back up to full capacity when Camry production goes online, and Kia has recently revealed that it’s setting up shop in Georgia.

[Source: Chrysler]

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