Seatbelt designed with the ladies in mind

Women with ample chests often find typical over-the-shoulder three-point safety belts (a.k.a. “seatbelts”) rather uncomfortable. Think about it – there’s a wide nylon strap stretched across your breasts that gets tighter and tighter with every tap of the brakes. It’s practically bondage on wheels.
A U.K.-based car insurance provider for women named Sheilas’ Wheels hired some engineers with a little empathy to design the ‘S-Clip’, a device that forces a seatbelt to take a detour between the dangerous curves, rather than going over them. The S-Clip has already undergone crash test dummy safety checks to prove it does not reduce a seatbelt’s effectiveness and Sheilas’ Wheels is currently shopping around for a partner to produce it.

Despite the occasional chauvinistic turn, some of us must take umbrage with the title of the linked press release – “Seatbelt Innovation For Real Women” – that implies only those gifted with abundant bosoms are “Real Women”. Ever hear of the 'Bro'? (Or was it the Manzier... we can never keep our Seinfeld straight). Regardless, real women come in all shapes and sizes, Sheila.

[Thanks ZeroZen for the tip]

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