Mercury Montego: So-called 'vanilla' looks conceal space, speed, and savings

The new Mercury Montego, which enters 2006 virtually unchanged since its debut last year, is not a radical-looking vehicle, admits G. Chambers Williams III of the San Antonio Express-News. But for its target market, which not only includes senior citizens but the younger generation, the Montego offers several compelling advantages to the Accord and Camry.
Williams points to the vehicle’s spaciousness, nearly matching the full-sized Mercury Grand Marquis without its grand length. And while the Montego's horsepower is considerably lower than the Toyota Avalon's, one of the vehicle's main competitors, consumers who shop for such vehicles are not normally looking for road rockets anyway. (Interestingly enough, Williams claims the car handles twisty roads more like a sport sedan than a full-sized lux mobile. Mmm... we're not so sure about that.) The Montego also uses regular fuel instead of premium, as recommended for the Avalon.

Williams, throughout his review, again emphasizes that so-called “blandness” does not necessarily push away buyers, pointing to the Camry and Accord, which are normally not considered eye-catching vehicles.

Click here for Autoblog’s review of the 2005 Montego that was posted nearly a year ago.

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