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There are two striking parallels that hit you square in the face with the new Mercury Montego and its sibling, the Ford Five Hundred. In person they look very sophisticated from the outside. Some would even say elegant. But once inside, drivers will be treated to one of the cheapest looking and feeling interiors to come on the market in recent years.

Mercury Montego

When scheduling a test vehicle I went with the Mercury Montego AWD Limited because it should be the top of the line for this new pair of large sedans. Walking around the outside, I was astounded at the car?s masculine shape and high-class appearance. That?s what happens when you have absolutely no expectations built up, a car can truly surprise you.

Mercury Montego Center StackAll my high hopes fell flat once I got inside. With the exception of the gauges and center console, there is nothing to look at or enjoy inside the Montego. Nothing. Tomorrow I?ll post a full slate of interior images to show off where Ford/Mercury went wrong. How does it drive? Again, no expectations led to me being pleasantly surprised by the Montego?s sharp steering and decent acceleration. We?ll tackle the performance in a later post as well. For now, tell me what you most want to know about this new sedan.

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