Man triggers OnStar in his Escalade, leads police to coke stash

If it weren't so forehead-slappingly stupid, it'd be hilarious. Oh, wait, nevermind... it is hilarious.

38-year-old Floridian Ralph Gomez (pictured) is in St. Johns County Jail on $15,000 bond, no doubt cursing his own stupidity. Gomez was showing off a Cadillac Escalade's OnStar system to his girlfriend on Friday when he inadvertently triggered his own drug bust. While walking his companion through the SUV's telematics features, he inadvertently triggered the system, but with the volume on his system set so low, he wasn't able to hear the OnStar operator respond. As a result, the rep called the police (as they are trained to do when they can't establish contact), who arrived on the scene to find nothing wrong-- except that Gomez had left about 4 ounces of crack out in the open on the Slade's center console.

In addition to seizing Gomez's stash, authorities took possession of $1,900 in cash, and Cadillac Escalade, OnStar and all.


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