Humvee's replacement may be a hybrid

The current military-issue Humvee will be replaced by 2011, with contracts being awarded to suppliers sometime in 2009. At the moment the Army and Marine Corps are researching hybrid drivetrains for the Humvee replacement, with the Army conducting research on six different hybrid Humvees and the Marine’s testing the RST-V (Reconnaissance, Surveillance, Targeting Vehicle) that employs electric motors in each wheel hub, just like Mitsubishi's Concept-CT unveiled at the Detroit auto show.

Hybrid technology is particularly attractive to military types because it’s capable of near-silent operation when running solely on battery power, provides a source of electricity for troops out in the field, and offers better acceleration in short bursts than either its diesel- or gas-only counterparts.

The Hybrid Humvee, however, could be eclipsed by even more advanced hydrogen fuel-cell powerplants almost as soon as it reaches the battlefield. Since everyone says these guys and gals do more before 7AM than most people do all day, we should expect a commercially viable hydrogen fuel cell vehicle from them by next Wednesday.

[Thanks Noel for the tip]

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