Spy Shots: Audi A5 taking form?

As with fellow Germans Mercedes, BMW, and Volkswagen, Audi continues to relentlessly propogate its lineup by carving the segment pie into thinner and thinner slices. But with results as compelling as this A5 2 2, this 'nichefication' trend at least appears to be the consumers friend... if not that of the company's bottom line.

Details on this silver bird remain slim, but according to Deutsche car rag Auto Motor und Sport, the Four-Ringed One is banking on a pair of V6 engines, a 3.2L FSI, and 3.6L FSI, with nary a four-banger in sight.

No word on an amped-up 'S5' model (or better still, an RS), but if sales are strong enough, we wouldn't bet against it, and fairly salivate at the prospects of a DSG-equipped RS5.

Slated to find private hands in 2007, if this shot is accurate (it's difficult to tell whether the photo above is a 'shop, an artist's rendering, or simply a retouched spy photo) the A5 finds front-end styling dominated by Audi's now-trademark, Euro-plate friendly horse collar grille, along with a high beltline and short rear overhang.

[Source: Auto Motor und Sport]

(Tip Top, GermanCarBlog)

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