A new advertising campaign for Ford's Fusion launches tomorrow, building on the new NASCAR Fusion that's the centerpiece of Ford Racing's 2006 program. The tongue-in-cheek ads aim to educate the public about "Overactive Adrenalin Disorder," the need of Ford Racing drivers, Ford Racing fans and Ford Fusion drivers for increased excitement and adrenalin.

The centerpiece of the campaign is pretty cool, though - a sweepstakes to win a 550 mph aerial dogfight against Ford NASCAR driver Carl Edwards.

The OAD campaign kicks off on TV during the Daytona 500, coming up this weekend, with print ads following. But wait! There's more...

An OAD website opens February 15 - www.carlsthrillride.com - where you can take simple tests to evaluate your OAD level in the Ford Athletic Standards and Testing Lab (the FAST Lab), and enter to win the "ultimate adrenalin fix" - the jet-fighter dogfight against Carl Edwards.

[Source: Ford]

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