Is a Ford "Death Watch" in the works?

Robert Farago, the editor of The Truth About Cars and whose GM Death Watch is currently on episode 53, is starting to get fed up with Ford.
Farago admits he thought Big Blue Oval would overcome its current predicament. But then Ford cancelled the Ford GT.

Farago takes some well-aimed shots at everyone he believes contributed to the death of the supercar, from Ford’s dealer network (But now that the supply has increased and those few “gotta have it now” buyers have their GT’s, dealer greed has kept MANY cars bolted to the showroom floor.) to the company’s lack of long-range vision (Ford just doesn’t get the whole long-term thing, do they? The Lincoln LS looks a bit old in the tooth and they kill it stone dead in an endless pursuit of The Next Big Thing).

Perhaps a Ford Death Watch is in order? What are your thoughts?

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