The relationship between consumers and the Big Three

This article got lost last month as we scrambled over vacation, holiday preparations, and Super Bowl Sunday (and I found—and secured—another job.) While normally we wouldn’t post such an old article, I thought it reflected some of the commentary from several readers on Ford, General Motors, and Chrysler (the American branch of DaimlerChrysler.)
Loren Steffy, a business consultant for the Houston Chronicles, writes how consumer demand for ‘quality products at a lower price’ has placed the (formerly) Big Three into their current predicament. He then ties the automakers’ history and situation in this different perspective.

In light of the new offerings such as the Chevrolet Camaro (and reviews from the press on production vehicles as the Lucerne and Camry) from the domestic and import manufacturers after the North American International Auto show, and the sales figures released this month from the automakers, does Steffy's 'letter' (opinion) hold up to scrutiny?

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