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Buick Lucerne and some comments on reputation, quality

Car reviews are nothing new, and unless a particular writeup touches off a firestorma (remember the infamous Dan Neil review of the Pontiac G6?), we at Autoblog rarely consider them post-worthy.

Well, here's an exception: USA Today's James R. Healey’s review of the new Buick Lucerne. Though press has been largely positive on the replacement for the Buick Park Avenue and LaSabre, most enthusiasts have shownabout as much interest as they have in visiting their grandparents on a Friday night.

According to Healey, the naysayers may want to reconsider.

Healey goes beyond discussing the car's engines or its portholes, instead addressing popular “prejudices” many consumers have when it comes to domestic vehicles. This includes Buick’s reputation of being a “fogey car." He contrasts the Lucerne with its most well-known competitor, the Toyota Avalon (“the best Buick GM never built”) and concludes that many buyers may well prefer the new Buick's features over the Toyota's.


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