Lotus to build crossover vehicle?

Let's hope nobody sues. Lotuscarclub.org says that the famed British sportscar maker will launch a crossover vehicle concept based on an architecture unveiled at the Geneva show last year, called the APX. It reportedly sports an all-new 3.0L supercharged engine spitting out 300 hp, and is rumored to use Lotus' world-famous light construction capabilities, allowing it to brandish over 190 hp per ton. 

We'd have to wager this is simply an engineering exercise designed to get Lotus' boffins some non-traditional business-- after all, they've gotta be getting sick of recalibrating the suspensions on everyone's compacts by now.  Well, that and "adding lightness" doesn't usually engender an extra set of doors, and Colin Chapman never seemed much for surplus space... but after Porsche's Cayenne, all bets are off. 

Thanks to Jez for the heads-up.

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