General Motors' Holden doing 'booming' export trade

While GM’s Australian division may have auctioned off its last Monaro coupe on ebay, it's doing quite nicely with sales of its other vehicles in the export market.

According to The Advertiser, GM Holden exported over 60,000 vehicles—sedans, coupes, and SUVs--last year, with the Stateman (pictured) and other Caprice-derived vehicles lead the sales. The Middle East continued to be the marque's largest market, claiming half of all units sold. Chinese and South Korean markets also added considerably to Holden’s sales figures, though they're not expected to contribute as handsomely to this year’s sales.

Holden is known in other countries as Chevrolet in Brazil, Thailand, Malaysia, and South Africa; and Vauxhall in the U.K.

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