Remember when? Writer Tom Greenwood does...

You know those “You know” posts found on blogs (e.g., You know you’re from California when…, or Do you know cars?). Tom Greenwood of the Detroit News wrote a similar themed article as he reflected on the changes that have occurred in the auto industry since he was a kid. Examples include:
Then: Directions came from a map obtained from a gas jockey named Bob.
Now: Directions come from a GPS satellite orbiting in outer space.

Then: Dirty windows.
Now: Tinted windows.

Then: A pop-up cigarette lighter.
Now: Power outlets for your cell phone, laptop, portable GPS unit, portable heater/cooler and Game Boy.

After you check out Greenwood's list, ask yourself: What are some of the changes you’ve seen in the auto industry since you were young? We remember vinyl seats that could poach your leg when left in direct sunlight - now head to the comments field and share your nostalgic streak.

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