You know those “You know” posts found on blogs (e.g., You know you’re from California when…, or Do you know cars?). Tom Greenwood of the Detroit News wrote a similar themed article as he reflected on the changes that have occurred in the auto industry since he was a kid. Examples include:
Then: Directions came from a map obtained from a gas jockey named Bob.
Now: Directions come from a GPS satellite orbiting in outer space.

Then: Dirty windows.
Now: Tinted windows.

Then: A pop-up cigarette lighter.
Now: Power outlets for your cell phone, laptop, portable GPS unit, portable heater/cooler and Game Boy.

After you check out Greenwood's list, ask yourself: What are some of the changes you’ve seen in the auto industry since you were young? We remember vinyl seats that could poach your leg when left in direct sunlight - now head to the comments field and share your nostalgic streak.

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