Mazda unapologetically Googley-eyed over Pontiac

Yesterday morning, Autoblog told you about Mazda's controversial competitive AdWords campaign, which has seen the Japanese automaker purchasing search terms like "Pontiac" and "Solstice" in order to do an end-around on General Motors' new Google-based p.r. initiative.

Since our story broke to the wider Web, it has spawned articles in everything from major dailies to countless tech websites. According to a USA Today article, GM marketing director Mark-Hans Richter proclaimed that the General finds it "flattering that they'd like to take the market-share leader for the last 18 years and compare it to a newcomer."

But who's (Zoom) zoomin' who? Mazda marketing veep Don Romano expressed little remorse at the flak his company's marketing tactics have been generating, adding that the company will continue bidding on brand name keywords and examining other "alternative modes of advertising."

Apparently the nascent roadster war has turned into a cyberbrawl, but for now the two parties are sparring with their gloves on-- at least in public.

[Source: USAToday via]

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