Oh, [John] Deere... tractor-wielding farmer cited for going 85 mph

A speeding ticket for 85 miles-per-hour isn't all that uncommon... except when the violation in question is issued to a  British farmer riding a tractor.

As one might reasonably suspect, seed-sower Steve Crossman wasn't the one guilty of a high-speed hoeing-- the local government was. As the story goes, the ambling agrarian received said speeding infraction after administrators with the Mid and South Wales Safety Camera Partnership misread an offending car's license plate. No word on whether Crossman will still be held liable for the fine.

Amazingly, 85mph in a tractor isn't the most egregious Gatso goof-up we've heard in recent weeks-- that particular honor goes to pensioner Adalat Khan and his 800 mph Toyota Land Cruiser.

[Source: PistonHeads.com]

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