Speed camerasIn what can be seen as either an amusing glitch or a blanket indictment of photo radar technology (or both), the Manchester Evening News is reporting that a UK retiree was issued a speeding ticket for driving a barrel-chested 770 mph over the limit. No word yet on what modifications retiree Adalat Khan performed to his Toyota Land Cruiser in order to trip the lights fantastic at 800 mph in a 30 mph zone, or how the area coped with the sonic boom when the senior speedster made his improbable run into the record books.

After contesting his innocence, the Greater Manchester Police wisely rescinded what must've been a rather spectacular fine, blaming Khan's supersonic ticket on an 'inputting error.'

A recent televised test on BBC's Top Gear revealed a similar glitch at a decidedly slower speed, foiling a Gatso in a TVR Tuscan S at 170 mph. 

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