Lamborghini Miura Concept worldwide debut

In much the same mold as Ford's reinterpretation of the legendary GT-40, Italy's raging bull, Lamborghini has mined one of its most endearing supercar designs, to create a modern counterpart. Different in every way, yet instantly recognisable as a Miura, the concept met with a warm reaction from a typically jaded press. The unveiling was a dream realized for Lamborghini design bigwig Walter DeSilva, and apparently for a few press people as well.

While de' Silva was quick to point out that there are no immediate plans for production, word on the street is that Automobili Lamborghini may park this one in showrooms by late next year. His first design for Lamborghini since coming on board (he's also the head of the Audi Design Group). While waiting for the press conference to begin, Ihad the occasion to speak with a number of Audi execs, and based upon what I heard, this isn't a runner, as it lacks a working drivetrain. Still, others had pegged the Miura Concept as lacking an interior, and the wiley souls at Sant' Agata Bolognese never so much as cracked its shapely, heavily-tinted doors. If you'll pardon the shoddy photo quality, a Nikon lens and a strong flash give lie to the rumor that the car lacks any sort of interior whatsoever (below). In point of fact, it appears to have a nicely-integrated instrument panel dominated by two metal-bezeled gauges, presumably a tachometer and speedometer. The center console has six smaller gauges that echo the theme, and a prominent metal-bracketed transmission tunnel houses a traditional Lamborghini gated shifter.

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